About Us - is an Australian company with a mission - to take the fuss out of dressing for busy working women and men when buying business clothing & accessories online by making it easy.

We understand the pressures that many men and women face today; financial demands, time & family commitments and the need for a current, practical, confident wardrobe.
We want to make shopping for clothing fun, easy and more relaxing.

That is why we have developed - a site that allows you to have your clothing delivered to your door, leaving you to enjoy your free time. We aim to provide the following:

  • a safe and secure site where personal information is respected
  • To help women & men to look & feel fabulous and to put the fun back into buying clothes
  • To help women save time and money by offering online fashion tips from experienced fashion stylists
  • To provide a pressure-free atmosphere
  • A comprehensive range of contemporary clothing that is tailored for real bodies
  • Carrying stock that is in the right season - ie. not carrying summer stock in winter!
  • Competitive prices
  • A fully coordinated range of comfortable clothing
  • Use of easy-to-care, low maintenance fabrics
  • Use of interesting fabrics and colours that encourage individuality

We look forward to working with you on improving our site.


We are an innovative Direct Marketing company of fashion & accessories, specialising in design, manufacture and supply of contemporary business clothing & accessories for men and women., Corporate Uniform division specialises in the implementation of corporate brand identity uniform programs by offering a personalised custom corporate uniform design service and a ready-to-wear clothing range.

For women our styling is contemporary, classic, tailored for real bodies, for women of all shapes and sizes 4 to 26. We translate high fashion trends into clothing that women can afford to buy.

We offer an innovative range of HIS and HERS co-ordinated apparel. Dressing everyone in your organisation for work just became a lot easier!

We aim to bridge the gap between traditional corporate clothing and business fashion wear by giving you a complete selection of fashionable clothing that you will want to wear everyday.



CareerClothing's aim was to take the fuss out of dressing for women by making it simple; by providing a coordinated collection of mix & match shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and tops at affordable prices.

Whilst undertaking research in 1995, we found 67% of women in Australia are size 14 and over (National Heart Foundation). The clothing companies that do design for women with a fuller figure usually have separate labels designated for the 'plus sizes' and the styling tends to have an older feel. Designing for the fuller figure seems somewhat of a taboo for designers and clothing manufacturers (although things are changing), not only in Australia but also around the world. 

We believe that due to the "beauty myth", society sees the "ideal" woman as being a size 10 or smaller, and only they can wear fashionable garments. We believe that women should feel free to dress the way they want. Images of women in the "beauty myth" are destructive and stereotyped. Our culture stereotypes women to fit this myth by flattering the feminine into beauty without intelligence, or intelligence without beauty; women are allowed a mind or a body but not both. This has been based on our own personal experiences and those of friends. We believe that feminine beauty should not just be based on your physical form; it should include qualities of self-acceptance, confidence, strength, intelligence, health and individual style.



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