Business Casual

appearance matters!

too 'Business Casual' is a mistake!

For those of you concerned about what you should be wearing to the office, it does not mean that you can look like you have just rolled out of bed, nor look like you are off to a nightclub. You may currently like to wear those hipster pants and that low cut top that are perhaps a couple of sizes too small, put them back into your wardrobe for the weekend. It does not look professional.
If you are seeking responsibility and respect, then casual to the point of looking sloppy is not the way to go.

How am I expected to dress for work?

Whether you take a totally classic, conservative, fashion-forward, trendy or casual approach will depend on your occupation. Remembering, you still need to create
a classic, professional image. Your unique and personal sense of style is important. On those client-free days, you may want to wear something that is a little more relaxed.

Our Collection includes career separates - mix & match pieces - jackets, pants, skirts, dresses that can be worn for casual business days. Whilst still maintaining a professional image, you can now wear those separates and the non-traditional colours, for example pale pink and blue. Tailored and causal items look great together.

Please view 'dress for success'
for details on how to dress for corporate, professional and the less formal work environment.

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