Dress for Success

Do you want to project a better image at work?
Is the way you dress stopping you from getting that long-awaited promotion?

Appearance matters!

To survive, and thrive, in today's business world, it is important for women to project a winning image of confidence, ability and style.
Your professional image is the key factor in getting the job that you want. If you are trying to break through what we call the 'glass ceiling', competing with your male peers, to be successful your personal presentation is important

What is your professional image?
This will vary depending on the industry in which you work, the specific business occasion, and the message you want your image to transmit.

The following list of questions will help you determine your professional image.


  • What industry am I working in?
  • What is my position within the company?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • With whom will I be liasing?
  • Does my company have a dress code?
  • What image do I need to convey?

Once you identify the required look for your work, and the image that you want to project (teacher, lawyer, doctor, social worker, sales, marketing executive, etc) you can now plan your wardrobe accordingly

If you want to move up the ladder you need to look the part even before you get there. To be treated seriously, you need to project a classic business image.

This does no mean that you have to look overly conservative or dowdy. The clothes you wear should reflect your own personal style and image, expressing your individuality. If you want recognition you need to stand out -
with style.

Please view 'job interviews' for more information on grooming

Corporate Office
Traditional/well established companies - banking, finance law, accountancy.
  • a classic, more conservative look is required. Smart suits, coordinated - Nmatching skirt and jacket - projects an image of authority Avoid cardigans as they look unprofessional
  • avoid pants and dresses unless you work in a more progressive company
  • traditional colours would be suitable - black, navy, grey, brown, and olive
  • avoid bright and pastel suits; Shirts - white, or a contrasting coloured - shirts will give you your individuality
  • evening clothes should be understated

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More progressive companies - secretarial, advertising, sales, marketing, real estate
  • you can either take the above approach or wear clothing that is more adventurous in colouring.
  • suits still apply - mix 'n' match jackets, skirts, pants and dresses are great. Colour - reds, orange, pastels
  • shirts - same as above Sweaters - t-tops, v-neck or scooped, remembering - not too low cu

Less formal
Teaching, social services, technical


  • practical, coordinates that mix and match - pants/skirt and jacket
    (matching or contrasting) can be worn back with a sweater, knitted top, or shirt.
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