Makeover 1

Our client came to us because he felt he needed a new look as he felt a bit out of date. He was not getting the results he needed with his business and thought that his clothes we holding him back. Here we have shown you, that with a few pieces you can create a number of different looks.

Firstly we did a needs analysis and worked out a concept for a new style.

Secondly, we did a wardrobe clarification, whereby we went through every item of clothing in his wardrobe, getting him to try on each item. After 6 disgarded bags of clothes we were left with a few core pieces. Most of his clothes were out-of-date and far to baggy.

Thirdy, we took him to a leading hair stylist, so that his hair fitted in with his new look.

Forthly, we went shopping. We bought a 1 charcoal pin stripe suit, a sports coat, 6 shirts, 3 ties, 1 pair of jeans and 1 white t-shirt..

He now knows the basic rules to follow and can add to his wardrobe, as finance permits.

Makeover 2
Again this client was not getting the results he
wanted with his career. He asked us to help him
with an image update.

We took him through the same process as the
client above; a needs analysis, defining his style,
a wardrobe clarification, hair cut, and a shopping

Every client has a different budget, so we take
this into consideration when shopping.

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