1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

The Image Coach offers a practical hands-on educational process where you will learn the secrets to dressing with style, confidence and imagination, without spending a lot of money.

We will work with you to create a public image and confident self by creating a new awareness of Image (the external, what others see), and Identity (the internal, who you truly are) to provide Clarity (a consistent image and identity). The end result is a realisation of a refined personal image, a lasting lifestyle change.

You will learn the following:

What is your professional and social image
How to create the right first impression
What styles suit you, according to your body shape
Camouflage techniques to hide any problem areas. By wearing the 'right' clothes you can look 2-3 sizes smaller and up to 10 years younger
Colours that suit your hair, eyes and skin colouring
What hair styles and make-up best suits you
Learn how to coordinate, mix and match a few core pieces when styled differently, you can create many outfits
How to get greater effect from fewer clothes
The best way on how to spend your money on clothing, avoiding costly buying mistakes. There will be no need for impluse shopping!
How to simplify your wardrobe and your life! You will now have a simple winning fashion formula that works for you.
The image Coach Service Rates
Styling fees - $100 per hour. Most sessions take 3 hours.
Daily fee - $600


The Image Coach will work with you to create a public image that will strengthen your brand identity. The question we ask and something for you to think about, what "visual statement" is your workplace making?

For more information please call 02 9954 5584

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