"Like all men I thought I was completely in control of my wardrobe. By never throwing anything out over the last 30 years I had ensured that I had clothes suitable for any stage of weight loss/gain, any 70’s, 80’s or 90’s theme parties, any career change, etc… The fact that people had stopped commenting on my clothes was, in hindsight, not such a good thing. Birgit arrived at my home and outlined what she could do to help me. It was only after we filled 5 garbage bags (!) full of clothes that were either too old, too small, too big, or just plain ugly that I realised what a useful service Birgit provides. Give it a go - you have nothing to lose but a bunch of stuff you never wear anyway. The only problem I have now is finding something to wear to those theme parties…!"

Geoff Kendall
Classic Car Club

"She changed my life. For very little money.

Just imagine you wake up, you go to the image consultant's office, have a look at some new clothes, give your old clothes to charity, do some shopping, have a hair cut, go home and go to bed. You wake up the next day a different person!

People come up to me, in my new image, and offer me their business cards. Pretty young girls who used to show me the door now smile and go the extra mile in shops and trade events.

Business people are careful about what they say to me now.

This is the difference an image makeover makes.

I believe in myself more now because I can predict other people's respect.

Not just Birgit's excellent services, but all image makeovers are a good idea.

Try it for yourself."

David Firoozi
Company Director

"Looking at myself in the mirror with a smart a suit on and a new hair style, I felt empowered. Almost looked like someone else. It impressed the job interviewer that afternoon. That felt good."

Ray Stark

(Ray got that job and he starts in 2 weeks)
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