The Image Coach Process


During an interview and analysis of your lifestyle and wardrobe, we will discover your essential unique qualities before the creative process begins. During the process, you will re-discover and redefine who you are and how you would like to be perceived.

With close attention to detail, The Image Coach edits your wardrobe and hand-selects new merchandise from various designers and stores. We can do this at our studio or at your home whether at their home or office. In addition, we can arrange for private sessions with top hair and make-up professionals.

The end result of the Image Coach process is complete clarity between what you are projecting (your image) and who you are (your identity). An updated refined version of yourself will allow you to focus on your priorities in life with confidence.

1. Needs Analysis

This will help us determine how we can help you. Here is an example of some of the questions that we may ask you:

What do you want to achieve from an image update?
What area of your image needs updating (personal, professional, or both)?
Do you need advice on hair styles and makeup?
What are your personal and professional ambitions?
What kind of clothes are you most comfortable in?
Do you travel frequently?
Do you have small children?

2. Defining Your Personal Style

The Image Coach will do an analysis of your existing wardrobe. We will look at the folowing:

your professional, casual, and social lifestyle
likes and dislikes
favorite designers & stores
shopping habits
self-described personal aesthetic
body shape, & size
This information is used to help you achieve a clear definition of your individual style.

3. Wardrobe Clarification

Now it is time to take a long hard look at your wardrobe!

Here we will de-clutter and edit your wardrobe, taking into consideration your ''new' style, colour suitability, styling, your body shape and size, age of clothing, shoes and accessories. Here we will streamline and simplifiy your closet to develop a 'capsule' wardrobe.

The therapeutic experience of eliminating clutter allows for a clearer focus on the client's individual style and image.

At the end of this stage, we will organise your wardrobe that will allow you to effortlessly find your clothes and will make shopping a lot easier ..... you now know what you have in your wardrobe! Knowing what you have in your wardrobe will give you clear focus on your 'new' style and image.

4. Shopping Assistance

The Image coach will take you shopping and teach you the rules on what you should be wearing for your new style and image, size and body shape. You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes and build a wardrobe with a solid foundation. We will show you what you need to "fill in the gaps".

5. Your Personal Transformation - Putting It All Together

To implement your new image it is important that we look at your hair styling & colour and make-up.
We work with a number of fantastic hair stylists that can create a great comtemporary look.

You will learn to integrate your existing and new clothes to create a optimum looks that reflect your style.

6. Maintenance

As styling is an ongoing educational process, you may feel that you would like us to review your wardrobe each season, thereby ensuring that your wardrobe is kept fresh, up to date and to check to see if you have been keeping to the rules!

• Wardrobe planning
• What is your body type?
• Select styles that suit your personality and lifestyle
• Dressing to your budget
• Choose styles, patterns and fabrics to suit your shape and proportions
• Customised personal shopping

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