fashion tips

Job Interviews

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions!

You have only one chance to make a first impression. Whether we like it or not, it only takes 30 seconds for someone to create an impression of who we are; our economic heritage, personality, education and success levels, our moral character and trustworthiness. Your clothes make a strong statement about you.


To be successful you must look professional

What should you be wearing?

This of course will depend on the type of job that you are applying for. My advice, it is better to dress too formally than dress to casually. For those of you just starting out, or returning to workforce, if you want the job, you have to look the part.

A classically tailored suit is a good investment as it can be worn with different shirts and sweaters to create different looks. You are probably thinking that a suit costs a lot of money. Your personal image is important and it is an investment in you.

Please view dress for success

for details on how to dress for corporate, professional and less formal work environments.


What about Grooming?

  • hair must be freshly washed and should look neat. Long hair should be tied back.
    Watch out for dandruff
  • makeup - don't go overboard - a light foundation,<mascara, blush, and a neutral lipstick is great


  • don't forget to clean your teeth - if you are prone to bad breath take some breath freshener with you and use just before you go in

  • be moderate with the use of perfume
  • have clean nails and avoid bright nail polish - nothing looks worse that chipped nail polish ands and nails should be clean.


  • stockings must be sheer, not opaque - watch out for holes in your stockings
  • avoid too much jewellery, oversized bags, and worn brief cases
  • a closed shoe is best - void sandals and silhouettes. Shoes should be polished and
    coordinate back with your clothing.


  • clothing must be pressed- check for holes or tears, broken or missing.

  • when wearing a jacket, it looks neater to have your buttons done up

  • avoid clothing that is revealing or too tight. Skirts should not be too short. A suitable length, 2.5 cm above the knee

  • leave out the nose ring and don't smoke before your interview

Remember, you want to present a professional appearance
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