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What Is Your Personal style?

What image do you project?

Your personal style/image needs to reflect who you are and what you are about.

Your clothes should be in balance and harmony with your

body size


  • body shape
  • facial features
The key element to achieving your personal style is to be sensitive to what suits you, what items look good together and how you can wear them.

Determining your personal style?

Take a good objective look at yourself in a full length mirror,

remembering not to be too critical. Be honest with yourself. Please view your 'body shape' section. This will help you to determine what styles to look for when shopping for clothes.  


You will be able to put tighter your total look, choosing styles and colours that compliment you. You can now have a smaller, more versatile wardrobe, carrying you from the office, to a party, theatre or just relaxing at home. You will project an image of confidence, individuality that combines your workplace and lifestyle. When you look good you feel more confident.

And with all these fashion tips that we have given you, it will help you in developing a look uniquely your own. It will bring you closer to training your eye to see what works for you so
that you can create you own sense of style, your own image. The Birgit Frances Label offer you a classic contempory range of clothing desinged for professional women.



What is your corporate style?

How am I expected to dress for work?

Is it totally classic, conservative, more fashion-forward, trendy or casual?"

This of course will vary depending on your occupation. Once you identify the required look for your work, (teacher, lawyer, doctor, social worker, sales, marketing executive), whether you have decided to play by the rules or for practical purposes you can now plan your wardrobe accordingly.

What do I mean by 'playing by the rules'?

It is the same old story, if your image is great, you look confident, capable, worth listening to, people will want to hear you.

In other words, dress appropriately for the company you work in.

To be treated seriously, you need to look serious. And this usually means projecting a classic business image. This does no mean that you have to look dowdy, mundane,
dumpy, overly conservative, or uninteresting.

Don't confuse the workplace with a nightclub or wine bar and come to work dressed as if you are ready for a 'hot date'. You want to stand out - in the best possible light!

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At Birgit Frances Australia we have designed a classic, contemporary range of professional clothing that can be worn in different work environments. Every thing is mix and match.

To us, classic means; simple in style, enduring (can be worn for more than one season), reliable, elegant, timeless, and yet up-to-date.

How "fashionable' classically styled clothing appears is almost always dependent on the 'cut' or 'design' of the item and the way you choose to combine them.

Ultimately, the clothes you wear should reflect you your own personal style and image, expressing your individuality.
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